Unfinished Kalyana Mantapa

Virupanna was the king’s treasurer and was the chief of the merchant guild at the time of the famous Krishandevaraya of Vijayanagar. He conceived the idea of installing a temple here, because the image of Veerabhadra was found here. He proceeded to put into execution this plan and fully used the tribute of the king also for this purpose while the king was away at Vijayanagar. He had practically finished the building and was actually supervising the completion of the Kalyana mantapa, when the king returned and found his treasury empty. The king ordered, as a punishment to this heinous crime, that be should be blinded. The treasurer being a loyal servant carried out on the spot with his own bands this order and, to this day, two dark stains are shown upon the wall near the Kalyana mantapa, which are said to be the marks made by his eyes which he himself dashed against the wall. The builder of the temple did not survive long after this, and hence the Kalyana mantapa was left unfinished.

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